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Education Links for Restoring Biblical Purity In The Church
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THE MATTHEW XVIII GROUP is a ministry dedicated to waking up the church to the social science which has overtaken it in the realm of Life and Marriage.  Unwittingly in many cases since 1950, the church has relied upon Alfred Kinsey's fraudulent science especially in area of sex education, leading to devastating effects on children, women and the institution of marriage.  Evolutionist Kinsey openly expressed his intent with his research was to strip morality and "Victorian repression" from America's view of human life focusing on Man's animal nature.  After 50 years of Kinsey's evolutionist view of the human life and "sexuality" America is measurably not better off since Kinsey entered the Church and American life.  Sexual disease and dysfunction are pandemic.  It is time to return to the "old paths:"

This can be done by:  (1) informing and warning the church of the old errors brought to the Church today often by wolves in the sheep's clothing of the Kinsey Reports, through this web site, numerous publications and videos and public speaking appearances, (2) providing a list of the difficult to find Christian materials that are accurate and age appropriate based on God's Word and not based on or mixed up with prevailing Kinseyan fraudulent science; (3) encourage other Christians to take the lead in giving their children the truth about God's life process and their role and responsibility in it.


Vision:  Purity

Purity Attitude Restructuring:  To warn and instruct the church about the threat of the fraudulent Kinsey sex research which undergirds most Christian educational materials particularly for children on human sexuality.  In addition, this unique ministry will brief and train leaders on the impact of using Kinsey’s sex science within the Body of Christ and society at large. This will be accomplished by using the Matthew 18:15-17 process of going to your brother, who may not be aware that they are in error in this crucial area, and redirect church leaders and parents to God’s Word regarding chastity, purity, self control and modesty.  By restoring God’s standards this will enable the Body of Christ to once again look at children through Jesus’ eyes and not Dr. Kinsey’s eyes. 

                                 The law of the wise is a foundation of life,
                                  to depart from the snares of death.

                                                                              Proverbs 13:14 (KJV)


Restoring Chastity & Purity:  To cry restore and uphold God’s first institution of marriage by instructing the Body of Christ in marital purity and holy living.  To restore the purity standard by encouraging Christian men to regain their position as gentlemen/protectors and providers and encouraging Christian women to uphold Godly modesty and chastity.  To equip parents to be the primary instructors in God’s life process.  Children’s modesty and moral innocence can then be preserved and protected by insuring they only receive accurate and age appropriate information - primarily from their parents - about God’s life process, within the context of marriage, and kept from the erroneous Kinseyan “sex education” programs in and out of the Church. 

                                 Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth 
                                 to err from the words of knowledge.

                                                                              Proverbs 19:27 (KJV)


To maintain a electronic storefront, not a physical location, allowing parents access to Matthew XVIII from anywhere in the world.

To conduct a two pronged outreach to the Church via personal briefings and presentations and Christian media; and via publishing reviews on the worldwide Web of Christian materials presented as Godly direction to the Church in the matter of purity and chastity preserving generative physical intimacy for marriage and family life.

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