Restoration Through Education

A Purity Paradigm For Our Homes, Churches, and Nations


The Matthew XVIII Group is a ministry dedicated to waking up the Church to the social science which has overtaken it in the realm of life and marriage.  Unwittingly in many cases, since 1950, the Church has relied upon Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent science, especially in the area of sex education, leading to devastating effects on children, women, and the institution of marriage.  Evolutionist Kinsey openly expressed his intent with his research was to strip morality and “Victorian” repression from America’s view of human life focusing on man’s animal nature.  After 60 plus years of Kinsey’s evolutionist view of the human life and “sexuality” America is measurably not better off since Kinsey entered the Church and American life.  Sexual disease and dysfunction are pandemic. 

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Sex Nation


2023, Director: Jaco Booyens      

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The Mind Polluters


 2021, Mark and Amber Archer